I envy people who can make art just for the love of it. For me that's an impassable road. Since I am incurable religious and am having the desire to include this into my works. It somehow feels incomplete or even empty if I wouldn't do so. If there hasn't been any amount of faith through the years I wouldn't even be a singer songwriter in the first place. So hearby I give thanks to The Great Inspirer, the source of all that is good, true and beautiful, the one I adore but cannot contain let alone understand: God. 


Do I have earthly inspirators? Oh, yes. I am a product of many artistic influences. Lately I got inspired bij Arvo Pärt, Sufjan Stevens, David Åhlén and Patrick Watson, among others.


As you would listen to the songs you could hear: folk, classical music, hymns and indie singer-songwriter-stuff. 

Call it what you like, I sincerely hope you caught up in it and feel the breeze I felt during the making of these songs...